About Saffron
SAFFRON is the name given to the three dried red colored stigmas
and part of the  white  style  to  which  they  are  attached  of  crocus
sativus Linnaeus, which flowers just once a year.

The main characteristics of saffron are:


Saffron is a valuable spice with origins in the Zagros Mountains area in “Media” era.

Saffron is the world’s most expensive spice because of its unique properties and because of all the labor that goes into producing it (more than 170,000 flowers make just one kilogram).

The name worldwide of saffron:
The ancient Iranian word was Kurkum, but today it is zaferan.

Iranian: zaferan   Latvian: safrana
Spanish: azafran   Russian: shafran
French: safran   Armenian: khekhrum
Italian: zafferano   Turkish: zaferen
German: saffran   Kashmiri: Kongs
Dutch: saffraan   Hindi: zafran
Swedish: saffran   Bengali: jafran
Hungarian: safrany   Chinese: fan-nung-hua
Rumanian: safranu   Japanese: safuran
World Production of Saffron, crop year 2003-2004
Iran 180 tons 94.73%
Greece 3 tons 1.58%
Spain 1 tons 0.53 %
Morocco 1 tons 0.53 %
India 2 tons 1.05 %
Other Countries 3 tons 1.58 %


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