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About Us

Novin Saffron, established in 1992, began a unique mission in the field of Iranian saffron. The company was founded in Mashhad in the spring of 1992 with valuable experiences of several generations in agriculture. Its main goal was to create comprehensive innovation and transformation in all aspects of the saffron product. Novin Saffron has made significant changes in production, packaging, standardization, recognition of Iranian saffron to the world, and has created a capable structure to compete in international markets. Until now, Novin Saffron has moved forward with determination and development of facilities to improve the quality and packaging of saffron products using innovative methods and has dedicated its laboratories to ensuring the quality and authenticity of saffron.
Novin Saffron benefits from well-equipped and powerful laboratories that play an important role in the credibility and trust of saffron products.