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Yalda night products

Yalda night products

Novin Saffron's Yalda night products

Yalda Night marks the longest night of the year in the Iranian calendar, also known as Cheleh night or Hafez night. Families come together to celebrate this occasion by enjoying a variety of foods, including nuts, watermelons, pomegranates, and other specialties.

Novin Saffron, a leading saffron producer in Iran, has introduced exclusive products for Yalda Night.

Novin Saffron Collection

Saffron, an integral part of Iranian culture, finds its application in cooking and traditional medicine. Novin Saffron meticulously sources its saffron from the finest farms in Iran, ensuring a unique aroma and taste that enriches your dishes with delightful flavors.

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By acquiring Novin Saffron's special Yalda products, you can create an unforgettable Yalda Night experience for yourself and your cherished ones